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Hosting-Core ist unser Sponsor wenn es um Hosting geht. Seit Jahren steht Hosting-Core für die beste Qualität bei Gameserver und Voiceserver und bietet im Bereich eSport den kompletten Service bis hin zum Webspace.


We are proud to introduce you our new virtual shelves.They are stocked with : 

- Our soft and comfy Clan-Shirts

- Our stylish Death-Purge Mug

- Our tasty Death-Purge Energy Drinks

We’re really looking forward to bring you tons of awesome new merch in the near future and we appreciate the continued support from all of you. 
Visit http://gear4gamers.net and don't waste any time!

If you want us to share you guys with our newest merchandises, you can simply send us a picture with one of our products and send it via E-Mail to: store@death-purge.de
Also, if you’re able, please post pics of yourself on instagram and facebook with our merchandieses! Tag it with @DeathPurge