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New Team! 25.01.2019

We are proud to introduce you our new Slovakian team, that joined Death-Purge eSports in the Counter-Strike section as our second CS team.
The lineup consists of : 
- (Coach) Tomáš "ToVy" Va?o
- (Team-Captain) Matúš "mattyy" Mesároš
- (Team Co-Captain) Matej "M3TR0" Dubec
- (Player) Samuel "ESKKO" Bulla
- (Player) Matúš "Axell2K" Fil?ák
- (Player) Filip "Farky" Otava.
Their coach to support them is ToVy, together with our eSport's manager emc1ty.
We, the Death-Purge family are wishing our new team the best of luck.
And you guys out there can look forward to their results, and also look forward for more upcoming teams in differenct sections. 
If you want to apply for any kind of game send us a e-mail to: info@death-purge.eu

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